Innovation… the mother of necessity?

Rest assured that we are in for a long period, I’d say a decade at least, of pay back for the extravagance, credit, greed and spend spend spend approach which has characterised Britain over the past 15 or so years. We can all surmise the reasons for this and we are all sure to have our own opinions of whom to blame for the mess. The reality is that it is a much more complex problem and for that reason demands a complex approach to address and resolve. A step change in the built/working environment requires a step change in the way that companies think, adapt, respond and learn to drag themselves out of the S***.

Businesses are changing, and fast ! Workplaces are changing, and fast !

They have no choice but to adapt and flatten their structures, reducing overheads in the process and removing unnecessary costs. Employees are now used to having total control over when and where they work, as long as the work gets done – it doesn’t mater whether it’s done at ten pm at night, or four am in the morning. The boundaries between home and work are blurring, characterised by Generation’s Y and Z, who expect to have Gym, Creche, Concierge and other major life support facilities provided as part of their contract with the company, further blurring their work and life boundaries.

There is no longer any such thing as a workplace on the doorstep or within a 15 minute drive? Just one bi-product of the way things are!

People are covering more of a geographical area, have more to do; with less, and are still being measured on an outdated output and result orientated basis…

Whilst Facilities Managers are well versed in pulling rabbits out of hats, for a whole host of reasons and stakeholders, we need less focus on the outputs and more focus on the inputs and how we manage to get things done.

Opportunities have never been so rife.

Companies are merging, changing and morphing in to much smaller, efficient, effective, responsive and focussed versions of the same. This is a step change, so why no change in how performance is being measured and improved?

As company culture changes and evolves, the way in which things are done and get done in a company need also to change in line with this.

The best definition I’ve heard of company culture (often a very abstract concept) is:

How things get done around here…

Which department is best placed to bring this to life within an organisation… ?

Innovation is now the mother of necessity, desperate times require desperate measures. Blue Sky thinking is needed like it’s never been needed before.

You can’t do more for less – it doesn’t follow. You can however do things differently and better. Innovation is the new mother of necessity.

We need to concentrate on innovation, encourage people to think about how to do things differently and reward people for improving efficiency and effectiveness. The results will follow.

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