A new kind of leadership…

It’s been a while but it’s great to finally get a chance to update my Really Good FM Thinking page with a blog that I’ve been planning to write for some time, but just not had the opportunity. I know… talk is cheap …. yada yada yada

So as per usual, in my direct and no nonsense approach, I’ve tried to make this as short and as helpful as possible and I hope you agree and find it informative and useful.

Leadership is perhaps one of the most overused, if not ‘the’ most overused ‘Management,’ word-speak of all time. Yet, are we really any wiser knowing what leadership actually is, what it involves and how best to go about it? Or as I suspect, can we not see the wood for the trees. For trees, please read – plethora of words which have been used to try and describe it? This blog was actually prompted by a brief conversation with a colleague of mine, which ended with the following inference – how useful is Management speak? Talk is indeed, cheap – but we’ll leave that for another day, eh?

I deliberately chose a ‘Leadership,’ word cloud for the above illustration on this page to highlight the above point; Trust, Responsibility, Interaction, Democratic, Develop, Vision, Style, Relationship, Path, Attitude, Power, Positive, Perform, Courage, Laissez faire and Belief….. to name sixteen.

What do these teach us? What value do they add to the process… How do they help us lead the most disparate of teams through the most complex change programmes?

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I’m a simple creature who likes to keep things as straight forward and as clean as possible; finding the lowest common denominator as well as searching out and thinking around the ‘links’ between things (however tenuous) to help better understand our ever-evolving World of Work.

At its simplest level, it can be strongly argued that, ‘Management,’ is about getting things done through other people. It’s therefore about taking people with you, often during periods of change in order to effect improvements and the realisation of new benefits. So, based on the fact that we are all individual and based on your experience, what would be the best way to reach out to people. What has experience taught you? How do you lead people in your organisation?

For me… I think Leadership is a simple as telling people that you like them, you value them and you need them.


Because anything that introduces a more Human approach when dealing with people, can’t ever be too far away from the truth…the rest will follow

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